Like it or not, we are moving towards online education. Are they the same? What are we really looking for in an education?

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I used to think that automated decision-making removes prejudices, but maybe I was completely wrong.

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Classical mythology offers the earliest glimpse into gender relations in Greek civilisation — what can we learn from it?

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Leaving a well-paying job, spending a fortune for a Master’s degree, and taking a one-year ‘holiday’ in Cambridge.

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MOOCs have claimed to provide greater access to education for anyone, anywhere — promising to bridge the educational gaps within and across countries. But has it delivered what it promises?

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Exploring the meaning of fairness in life by Friedman, Tawney, and Rawls

Three lessons learned from Orwell’s masterpiece

In a recent webinar, Prof Yunus discussed the failure of our current economic system, how we can build the world of three zeros, and some practical bits of advice for aspiring social entrepreneurs.

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Violy Purnamasari

Cambridge graduate | Trying to make this world a slightly better place

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